The Selection and the Social Cockroach

The Selection is a fun read that takes the bachelor and puts it into Dystopic worlds where the hierarchy system is alive and well. The main character America Signer must go through “the selection” to make for lower class family live a more comfortable life while the rest of a nation watches her attempt to fall in love with prince Maxon.  America struggles with the idea of falling in love with Maxon because she left her teenage love Aspen at home, “I looked at the warm spot on my hand, stunned for a moment”. As the kingdom gets attacked Maxon and America strike up a friendship, but both struggles with keeping their feeling’s in check. America is left trying to rationalize all the feelings that has and what she is supposed to do with them.

This book falls under a Dystopic love story. It takes the popular reality TV show’s of today and neatly mixes them with the past of having a Monarch. The problem with this idea is that the reader is left wondering what happened to the technology from this era. It seems to have disappeared from the current story. There aren’t any cell phones, the warfare is literally clubs, rocks, and flaming fire balls. If you ask me it seems that this dystopic future/the whole world seems to go down hill with technology and up will with old school living. The attempt of mixing Dystopia, future, and the past get a little confusing leaving the reader wondering more about how everything digressed rather then progressed. 

For the reader The Selection is an easy read that is easy to follow minus the issues of the going forward in time and backwards when it comes to having surfs and no technology. The story wouldn’t fall under being too original, it is plain to see where some of the story pulls came from i.e., The Bachelor, Hunger Games, and Cinderella. Though the reader can recognize the potential inspiration the book get’s hard to put down. 

Kiera Cass makes and interesting reflection on present day by allowing the reader to be able to recognize the popular culture of today was still alive and well in her dystopic future. Cass makes reality TV is the social Cockroach, it will never die, it will continue to flourish, and it will out live us all. By having the social cockroach in the story the reader is able to enjoy the book in two ways, the first one being the reader and the second one being the observer of a love game show.

The book brings in the element of evaluating the female role and appreciating a female individual. The females of The Selection are pawns of this social Cockroach. The females are quick to change anything about them, but the protagonist America. She desires to keep her individuality in her look and her morals, she doesn’t want to fit a niche that Maxon may like, instead she is secure within her self. This may be because she does not want the prince to fall in love with her and she already knows that Aspen loves who for who she is. Due to her desire to be herself the reader falls in love with her, but also gets the message about being a proud female, and not changing who one is for the sake of winning a man. Cass is sending a superb message to her female audience on being ones self, but it also makes the book enjoyable.

The main Character America is appealing for the most part, she is a strong, independent female, who has taken on the burden of caring for her family since her two older siblings have left. She is believable to the extent of her strength the only thing that may make the reader take a step back from America is her surroundings of the caste system in the lack of modernity in her world.The only other issues that seems to plague me with this story in America’s name, it relates to land and for me that seems to go against the idea of female independence. Due to the association of land and her strength it makes a commentary about how America the country is looked upon today. For me I felt uneasy about the name because though I know what America stood for I couldn’t get out of my mind the idea of America being land that should be explored and owned.  Maxon the prince is a very lovable character, who really does seem clueless when it comes to females, making adorable thus getting reader is really rooting for him to find love especially with America. 

The book it’s self is the climax which at times gets tiring, because it is as a constant roller coaster ride for the reader. It must be noted that this book is a trilogy and instead of creating a new story with familiar characters it seems that Cass will be building upon the current story of The Selection. I can only assume that the resolution with be found in the next book and will hopefully clear up any concern the reader may have had in the first book

As female reader I really feel is directed to a younger female audience roughly around the ages of 13-20. It really presses the idea of excepting and not changing your self, It also appeals to the younger ages because of the extremely passionate twilightly love between America and Aspen. It divides the reader between team Maxon and Team Aspen, which I feel appeals to a younger crowd. The trilogy will only enhance the love that the female reader will feel towards the characters and the book. 



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